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Lauren Moeger

My life as a multimedia designer began with the first three-dimensional animated movie, but really I became enthralled with design as a young girl watching Disney animated features.  While I always was interested in animation to convey a story, I grew to love many other facets of storytelling including typography, web interface, marketing, and digital narrative.

Living in a rural area has taught me to value relationships, appreciate the environment around me and to also think beyond the constraints of the setting I am used to.  Far off places and large cities appeal to me; the contemporary and abstract trends and styles therein inspire my design while my rural background reveals itself in organic, yet simplified forms.  These two influences often fuse in my designs in a playful approach.  My focus is frequently the relationship between these entities and either their integration or tension.

Throughout project development I enjoy being experimental and risky with my designs, which often astonishes my introverted personality; I can also work within client requirements effectively and professionally.  I then use the leading computer applications in the industry to produce a polished look.  I believe my art speaks to the person and designer I want to become.   I communicate through my design that my persona is exuberant, eager to learn, and compatible with many different personalities and cultures.


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